It’s plum delicious!

Plum White Chocolate Almond- the revival of a classic- Almond Ice Cream, fresh plums and white chocolate dipped almonds- I call it plum delicious!

I found my keys!

This is key lime pie at its apex- Joes stone crab in Miami. Famous, yes. But a Popstar? Wait and see.


“now George, what do you see there?” “I see bananas! What do you see?” George asked the man in the yellow hat. “I see Chocolate Elvis Popstars” the man in the yellow hat replied


Sweet Flavors and sweet smiles at Juan’s Mid City. Plus silk screen t shirts for sale!

Almond Joy

Candy is usually a good idea- Almond Joy is no exception. Layers of Semi Sweet Chocolate Ice Cream and Coconut Milk Surround Chocolate covered Toasted Almonds and mounds of shredded coconut….

Blackberry Watermelon

Two delicious flavor friends layered together- Blackberry Watermelon. In stores now!