Gilligan’s Island

A three hour tour? The professor and Mary Ann? Gilligan’s island is an all fruit pop featuring the tropical flavors of pineapple, papaya, hunks of banana and pucker fresh kiwi- so, who’s your favorite character now? Popstars!

Coconut Vietnamese Coffee

Coconut Vietnamese Coffee- A Signature Popstars Original; Vietnamese Espresso, Sweetened Condensed Milk and Clouds of Coconut Cream- Our Classic- A perennial Fav!

Satsuma Dreamsicle

Satsuma Dreamsicle- Local Satsuma Tangerines in Vanilla Cream with Satsuma Sherbet. Seasonal Best!

Pink Grapefruit

Winter is citrus season in the 504- great pink grape fruits from friends find their way into the Flavorlab…. Which forces us to grin… The Pink Grapefruit Popstars are one of our Favs- we freeze whole red grapes inside, and this time we striped it with strawberry- really refreshing and so sophisticated…

Cranberry Caramel Apple

Cranberry Caramel Apple Pop start by simmering Granny Smith apples and tart fresh cranberries Then to make a gooey rich French style caramel that will become the best ice cream you’ve ever licked Layer it all together with bits of real caramel candy frozen inside- that’ll make even the most discriminating customer happy….

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake Popstars with Buttery Graham Cracker Crust frozen inside- yum!

Iced Oatmeal Cookie

Iced Oatmeal Cookie Popstar- Scratch baked oatmeal raisin cookies in cinnamon spice ice cream with a vanilla icing ice cream…it’s pure nostalgia!

Pear Chocolate Almond!

Pear Chocolate Almond- Vanilla Poached Pears puréed and set against deep chocolate ice cream with ganache covered chopped toasted almonds