The Deep Freeze

A Treasure Trove of the Seasons Frozen Frolics;
Currently Unavailable, but may be revived by special request!

Watermelon Mint
Seasons first Texas watermelon, lime juice, cane sugar and a refreshing stripe of frozen fresh mint ice. What are those mini seeds? Black sesame.

Blackberry Thai Tea
A puree of fresh blackberries, sugar and citrus layered against the best tasting icy tea on the planet- Creamy orange and vanilla flavored thai tea with sweetened condensed milk.

Strawberry Honeydew
This Popstar is staying on our Honeydew list; Fresh Louisiana strawberries pureed and stacked up stripe-wise with a puree of subtle neon green honeydew melon spiked with fresh lime.

Gilligans Island
A Pop made with the only three things that famous shipwrecked crew had available; Pineapple, bananas and coconut milk sweetened with cane sugar. Dairy free.

Chocolate Strawberry
Pureed fresh Panchatoula strawberries, lime juice and cane sugar layered against a semi sweet chocolate cream made with real nestle semi sweet chocolate. Think chocolate dipped strawberry as a Popstar. Now get one.

Tangerine dream
Freshly squeezed tangerine juice frozen together with swirls of vanilla cream, tiny mandarins and candied orange zest. This pop is the color of summer, and the flavor of nostalgia.

Black and Gold
It’s time to get back in the game! Black berries and golden mango smashed against each other! Lots of real fruit inside. dairy free.

Plum White Chocolate Almond
Seasons first juicy black plums tart and sweet against almond flavored ice cream with white chocolate coated toasted almonds frozen inside.

Coconut Vietnamese Coffee
A Popstars original; two great flavors from south east asia combined into one seriously habit forming pop: Strong Vietnamese coffee, rich with sweetened condensed milk, set against the tropical flavors of thai coconut milk.


Berry White Chocolate
Raspberries, strawberry and blueberries in a creamy rich white chocolate ice milk base.

Kiwi Banana
Pucker sweet kiwi Surrounding chunks of ripe banana. Sweetened with cane sugar and enhanced with citrus. Dairy free

Earl Grey Orange
Earl Grey Tea steeped in spring water and swirled with sweetened condensed milk; Shot through with a London Tower of fresh valencia Orange juice graced by orange flower water.

Coconut Strawberry
Seasons first ruby strawberries pureed with lime and sugar;
Set against a sweetend, velvety coconut layer. Dairy free

Grapefruit Pomegranate
Juicy Fresh Texas Ruby Red grapefruits, squeezed and mixed with citrus syrup; This Popstar is studded with gorgeous, garnet pomegranate seeds.

Pineapple Mint
Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple pureed with lime and pure cane sugar; Frazen in layers against a puree of refreshing sweetened real spearmint.

Raspberry Lemon Meringue
Pucker-licious Fresh Lemons combined with red raspberries; Frozen with toasted marshmallows for that Lemon Meringue pie effect!

Mango Lemongrass
Mexican mangoes pureed with lime and honey; set against an asian flavor layer of steeped fresh lemongrass, ginger and lemon zest.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel
Deep dark bittersweet chocolate ice cream and rich Peanut butter base surrounding chocolate pretzels and toasted peanuts. so rich and whoa.



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