True Popstars

Here’s a couple of real life Popstars- I love my job!

Raspberry Rose Mint

Raspberry Rose Mint. Beautiful, sexy, refreshing… So much dimension in such a small package!

Blackberry Thai Tea

Blackberry Thai Tea- Plump, tart Blackberry Ice set against Vanilla scented Thai Tea Ice Cream made with creamy condensed milk

Gingerbread Eggnog

21+ Gingerbread Eggnog- Tennessee Bourbon Eggnog Ice Cream and Bourbon spiked Gingerbread Ice cream with frozen gingerbread cookies. Very Boozy- adults only!

Chocolate Elvis

The King is Back! Chocolate Ice Cream, peanut butter ice cream and Hunka Hunka hunks of ripe golden banana! Elvis! We love you!

Pink Paradise

Popstars is donating 10% of their sales to Breast cancer research in the month of October- All you have to do to participate is eat our delicious Pops! Here’s some of the special, hand finished pink labels we are using- Pink Paradise Popstar made with Hawaiian Pineapple, ripe Papaya and Pink Coconut Ice. Triple Layered…