Ultimate Lemon Bar

Ultimate Lemon Bar- Sticky Lemon bar Pastry with Shortbread cookie crust frozen in Lemon Vanilla Ice Cream. Contains Dairy, egg, flour, and Lotsa Lemon Love! We start with homemade lemon bar pastry- buttery shortbread crust, 25 lemons, fresh ONLY! Add love and Magic, eh voila!

The Great Pumpkin

Remember Linus waiting for the great Pumpkin? We found him! Roasting Pumpkin at the Flavorlab…Smells so good! Sugar and spice and everything nice… 1+1=3. That is the basic equation employed by Popstar Alchemists. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. Chocolate Ice Cream, Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, Handcrafted Chocolate Ganache Chips. Come and Get your autumn!

Think Pink!

Pink Lemonade Popstars are on the way for Breast Cancer Awareness here in New Orleans! So, How do you make Pink Lemonade? Strawberries, Lemons, cane Sugar and…great water! None more Pink? Save the Tatas! Get to city park for the run- and rock some pink!

Pear Kiwi

Pears are such a subtle, perfume-y flavor. And kiwis, by contrast, are pretty loud in the sour dept., esp. for such a little fella If you really want a pear to shine in a dessert, poach it. Pear Kiwi. What a pair! Soft and subtle meets loud and puckery. Popstars is now into casting!

Peach Orange Dream

Don’t fret! Dreaming of great peaches? Us too! Hand spun peach ice in Valencia orange ice cream- transport to bliss!

Silly Strawbelly

Summer Strawberries teamed up with Thai Coconut Cream- A lush dairy free delight!

It’s plum delicious!

Plum White Chocolate Almond- the revival of a classic- Almond Ice Cream, fresh plums and white chocolate dipped almonds- I call it plum delicious!

I found my keys!

This is key lime pie at its apex- Joes stone crab in Miami. Famous, yes. But a Popstar? Wait and see.

Blackberry Watermelon

Two delicious flavor friends layered together- Blackberry Watermelon. In stores now!

Mango Cherry Blossom

Juicy Ripe Mangoes and Fresh Summer Cherries touched by a dab of Rose Petal Syrup. The attraction is Powerful. The Mango can’t resist. Succumb to another flavor adventure, Popstar.